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Book Reviews

(These reviews, except for “The Defeat of Art,” are collected in His Own Time.)

Untitled book review of Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington, Nassau Literary Magazine, 72 (January 1917), 291-292.

Untitled book review of David Blaize by E. F. Benson, Nassau Literary Magazine, 72 (February 1917), 343-344.

Untitled book review of The Celt and the World by Shane Leslie, Nassau Literary Magazine, 73 (May 1917), 104-105.

Untitled book review of Verses in Peace and War by Shane Leslie, Nassau Literary Magazine, 73 (June 1917), 152-153.

Untitled book review of God, the Invisible King by H. G. Wells, Nassau Literary Magazine, 73 (June 1917), 153.

“The Baltimore Anti-Christ,” The Bookman, 53 (March 1921), 79-81. Review of H. L. Mencken’s Prejudices. Second Series.

“Three Soldiers,” St. Paul Daily News (25 September 1921), feature section, 6. Review of John Dos Passos’s Three Soldiers.

“Poor Old Marriage,” The Bookman, 54 (November 1921), 253-254. Review of Charles Norris’s Brass.

“Aldous Huxley’s ‘Crome Yellow,’” St. Paul Daily News (26 February 1922), feature section, 6.

“‘Margey Wins the Game,’” New York Tribune (7 May 1922), section IV, 7. Review of John V. A. Weaver’s Margey Wins the Game.

“Tarkington’s ‘Gentle Julia,’” St. Paul Daily News (7 May 1922), feature section, 6.

“Homage to the Victorians,” New York Tribune (14 May 1922), section IV, 6. Review of Shane Leslie’s The Oppidan.

“A Rugged Novel,” New York Evening Post (28 October 1922),143-144. Review of Woodward Boyd’s The Love Legend.

“The Defeat of Art,” St. Paul Daily News (21 January 1923), section 2, 6.  Review of Heywood Broun’s The Boy Grew Older. FSF on Authorship.

“Minnesota’s Capital in the Role of Main Street,” Literary Digest International Book Review, 1 (March 1923), 35-36. Review of Grace Flandrau’s Being Respectable.

“Sherwood Anderson on the Marriage Question,” New York Herald (4 March 1923), section 9, 5. Review of Sherwood Anderson’s Many Marriages.

“Under Fire,” New York Evening Post (26 May 1923), 715. Review of Thomas Boyd’s Through the Wheat.

“F. Scott Fitzgerald Is Bored by Efforts At Realism In ‘Lit,’” The Daily Princetonian (16 March 1928), 1, 3. Review of the March 1928 issue of The Nassau Literary Magazine.  FSF on Authorship.