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Mariya Chulova



Mariya Chulova is the author of poetry books “A minute, flown away of you” (2009) and “Social network” (2015), also she has written two books with literature critics and essays – “Without idols”(2012) and “Symbolic-analytic observations (Spiritual biographies and parallels)” (2013). She has been granted with prizes of “Open society” foundation for science and art and by NGO “Re-union D.E.N.”. She became popular with her participations in the television competition “A minute is a lot” on BNT during the years 2008-2010. She teaches English language in Municipality children complex in Plovdiv, interprets from and to English. She has a long experience like a Bulgarian language and literature teacher, ELT and economics in secondary and high schools, but also in Medical University of Plovdiv and University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv. Her works are translated in Russian and English in her participations in international concourses. Maria Chulova is a member of the Union of Bulgarian journalists.



 Dialog between the Brown colour

 and the Red hot chilly fox


My condolence and grief

for that you've broken teeth.


Would you mind to achieve

so my smile will be beneath

your shoes, maybe underwear?

Why I'm not an young bear?

I know your famous affair

but you want to take me to prison

for that single screw reason,

cause you are worried of force

which gives the first divorce.

Keep your monkey on lash,

my bats are going down as flash.

My prize will be hundred per hour

if they estimate my brain-power.

I would never be a wallkeeper.

Don't change my fur-coat slipper.

Sorry for troubles and the mistake,

but I have always cut my hair myself.

Birds with smashing old feathers

keep themselves pleased together.

Something gave me a bad glory.

I am not touchy. It isn't a weight of lorry.

Why shall I suicide? For me is a cuddle.


The bear answered to the fox

with double force of the vox.

 - I stick my neck out for you.

But why my nerves are broken

I am confided in accomplice, too.

Your mouth is simply stressed

because I keep in touch – suit yourself,

I am a bear and am not a fake stewardess.

I am not a fiancee with milky teeth

or slim good-mannered with a scarf.

My mood is better to be removed.

Close your purse for my fob and bill

because my hill is growing you feel.

Someone will take my teeth for amulet.

Your skin is a fur-coat for Lady Anette.

Mariya Chulova, January 1999


Goat-kid and Wolf


Even I take a man labeled as faithful,

he could be nervous yet, he could cry

and crawl up over uneven paths,

fraudulent and mutineer summits.

They called “libertine” and forever

It’s clear that his fur he changes.

There is no way back for infidelities.

The guilty isn’t mine, is it? He says.

If goat-kid takes you, you become an owner.

Having power over timid, wouldn’t give rest.


Mariya Chulova, Plovdiv

Яре и вълк


Дори да взема мъж с етикета „верен”,

пак може да е нервен, нагоре да реве

и да пълзи по неравните пътеки

към измамни и метежни върхове.

Нарекли го „развратен”, и навеки

ясно е, че козината си все мени.

Няма път обратен за измени.

Остава вината да е в мене.

Вземе ли те яре, стопанка ставаш.

Власт над страхливи почивка не дава.



М. Чулова 1998-2015 г.



Your words – long-bladed sword for me.

Unjustified indignant danger – so I see.

My Lord is blaming in foresaken gift,

compelling the private choice of  that kin:

to change or not for first time it's skin

that snake who cripples on shift

my self-respect, nobility and dignity.

Oh, goggle-eyed adolescents,  the slope,

you were on, is slippery on the wrong side

you have already chosen to glide

along the source of knowledge in the Globe.

What fortune would have been corrupted

by that giggles – so fresh and crumbly,

as if the greedy mouths choke with laughter

when they eat that bread forbidden.


               Don't seduce me to eat forbidden bread

             except for the coincidence of  mind and soul

             at the highest wave of the feeling called love.

Mariya Chulova, 2006


My virtuous life is nothing for you.

My right of choice is wing-cut.

Your arrogance gets me nervous,

your arguments are cool like dagger,

so I expect to throw away my innocence,

but I prefer somebody else with sense.

The alternative is not only worms.


Answer to an English poet’ 2002


Mariya Chulova